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Welcome to Vicity, our game-changing app created to put the traveler's experience at its core.

We're on a mission to redefine travel. By simplifying the process of planning and booking a trip, we blend technology with wanderlust to create the ultimate travel partner.


Making travelling a breeze

Vicity is based on an AI generated algorithm to ensure every user get served with quality results, tailored to their personal liking.

With the ease of a recognisable swipe, it takes you from inspiring destinations to generated plans and booking capabilities.

All that's left is to enjoy

The only travel app you need

  1. Get inspired

    Discover the best each city has to offer, tailored for you, thanks to Vicity's AI based algorithm.

  2. Let Vicity do the planning for you

    Get personalised itineraries in just 10 seconds for each destination, with a mix of things to see and discover.

  3. Co-create journeys

    Simplify planning with friends and family by sharing destinations and plan your trips together.

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